Choose a Technology based project!

Using Technology, build and/or program something.

Examples of Technology projects include:

  • Design an app or gameCodingScreenshot
  • Learn code and create a drawing with it
  • Create your own website or blog (with your parent’s permission and oversight, keep all personal information private, and privacy settings secure.)
  • Build and/or program a robot to perform a task (such as Lego Mindstorms, or other kit)
  • Make your own camera

Excellent ideas for technology projects can be found on:

Use your board to explain what you did. Use plenty of pictures and/or screen shots to make it visually interesting to whomever is looking at it. Technology is often expensive, so please do not plan to bring anything for display that is valuable unless you are able to keep a close eye on it. A good option is to plan to stand by your project for a period of time to show it off, and you can showcase it then.