Pick a project based on Science!

Using the Scientific Method, design an experiment that answers a scientific question.

Examples of scientific questions:ExploringThroughScience

  • What can you put on an apple slice to keep it from turning brown?
  • What type of bread will grow mold the fastest?
  • Does a lemon battery really work?
  • Can Cola shine a penny? Can other liquids?

You can start by finding ideas and resources on our own Hollywood Hill Pinterest Page:

Beyond that, there are many websites dedicated to finding science fair topics. Here are two:

Scientific MethodOnce you have picked a scientific question, use the Scientific Method to answer it. What is your purpose, or problem? Research, Hypothesize, Experiment, Analyze, and Conclude. What is the answer to your question?

When planning, try using a worksheet such as this one to help you through the process: