Use Math to inspire your project!

Using Mathematics, solve a problem.

Examples of projects include:

  • Minecraft inspired fraction pixel art (HHE Pinterest page)MinecraftMath
  • Pi Skyline art. Solve Pi (show off your division skills) and colorfully graph the results until you’ve filled your board. (HHE Pinterest)
  • Ask a question (or a series of related questions) and conduct a survey. Graph the results. Bonus: try different graphing methods to show the data. Which method(s) illustrate what you want best? What do the results mean and why might the results be important to know?
  • Calculate the needed space/area to keep a group of things (100 marshmallows, for example), and design a cardboard box that will fit them all using the least amount of cardboard necessary.MathArchitecture
  • Architecture: Design a space and identify the materials to use to build it. Calculate square footages and costs.

You can start by finding ideas and resources on our own Hollywood Hill Pinterest Page:

You will discover that math is used in all kinds of science, engineering and art projects. Have fun with math and showcase your discoveries on your board for others to enjoy as well!