A great place to start:

View a PDF photo-book from 2013 here: 2013 HHE Science Fair Book.


What is the Fair, exactly?
Visit the Guidelines tab, above.  In short, every student should pick a STEM project…

Then…show it off at our STEM Fair!  Present the results using the display boards that the PTA is providing.  Friday, April 24th will be a student-only fair during the day, and then that evening, the event will proceed with families, friends and the community from 6:00-8:00pm that night. In addition there will be incredible local science-based groups & businesses with displays, activities, prizes and STEM style fun!

How do I present?
Use the display board given to you after you register.  We encourage you to stand by your board and answer questions from STEM Volunteers for at least the first part of the night.   The boards will be displayed on a table, where you have the option to display accompanying material(s). These might include: a journal of detailed notes and sketches, a photo album documenting procedures and materials, a sample of background research material, or even hand-made models pertaining to your topic.

If you choose to have accompanying materials, please follow these guidelines:

  1. It must fit in a 24″ x 36″ area in front of your display board.
  2. Nothing messy or potentially harmful (no open flames or unsafe chemicals;  erupting volcanoes must be well contained in a basin)
  3. Put your name on everything, properly secure what you bring, and understand that we cannot guarantee its safety.  If in doubt – show pictures instead!

There is a standard way to lay out a science board which does make creating your presentation easier.  But if you like to get creative (and we encourage it!), there is room to do so!  Effective displays quickly capture the attention the audience, draw them in, and make them want to learn more.  If you have taken good notes, sketches and/or photos along the way, these are great items to include on your board.   Use the Guidelines tab for a way to lay out a display board.

When will I get my board?
We are always collecting registrations and we will deliver boards on Fridays to classrooms. You can bring it home from there.  Maybe do parent pick up that day instead of riding the bus, if you need help.

Is the Fair judged?
No, although each project is reviewed by teachers and/or peers.  A ribbon will be awarded to ALL projects!

How should I pick a topic?
Science surrounds us every day, from nature to sports and everything in between. Use the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math tabs for inspiration.  Look online with a parent at the”Links & Resources” tab.  Libraries are also a great place to start.

Can kids do this with a partner?
Absolutely!  Science is often more fun when shared with someone.