Pick a project based on Engineering!

Using the Engineering Design Process, build a working model of something.

Examples of Engineering projects include:EngineeringWithStraws

  • Design and build catapults using items from around the house. What design launches a ping pong ball the farthest? The highest?
  • Design and build a standing roller coaster for marbles using paper and tape.
  • Design and build an earthquake resistant structure out of mini marshmallows and toothpicks. Build it on a “bed” of jello (in a pan) to test it.
  • Design and build a kite.
  • Build some sort of musical instrument. The more sounds or notes it can make, the better.

You can start by finding ideas and resources on our own Hollywood Hill Pinterest Page:

Beyond that, there are many websites dedicated to finding Engineering projects.

Here are a few:

Once you have picked something to design and engineer, use the Engineering Design Process. Identify the Problem –> Explore –> Design –> Create –> Try it Out –> Make It Better –> (repeat from Create)

Document what you’ve done. Draw it. Mistakes are inevitable and part of the process. Tell us what mistakes you made, what you learned from them, and changes you made as a result.

When planning, try using a worksheet such as this one to help you through the process:

Engineering Design Process Worksheet