ALL students in ALL grades are invited to participate in this year’s STEM Fair!

  • Register online by clicking here.  Follow the guidelines on this page and throughout this website.
  • STEM Display Coordinators will be assisting the class and teacher to prepare PLTW Informational Displays, highlighting the science work already being done in the classrooms.  These displays are separate from the independent student board projects.
    • If you are interested in helping your classroom as the Display Coordinator, or assisting that volunteer, please let us know!


STEM Fair Project Guidelines:

Please complete the 2017 STEM Fair registration ONLINE as soon as possible or by Friday, March 3rd.  Your registration ensures you receive a free display board from the PTA.  Remember, registration indicates your intent to participate – it does not imply your project is completed.  You should register even if you are unsure of what kind of project you will be doing.  This ensures we have enough boards for everyone!

Pick a STEM Project based on STEM ideas!  Explore and create something that inspires you!

Having fun presenting scientific findings

Work on your project.  Start early to ensure you have enough time to make observations , collect data and complete your board.

Utilize a journal!  It is a good idea to maintain clear notes and data collection throughout your project timeline.

Or use this scientific-method worksheet to organize the project and keep track of the section for your board.

Get help from a parent or other adult, if you need, to help perform your experiments.  Or, they can help you on science websites or at the library.

When you are ready, make a display on a tri-fold board explaining your projects.  Boards have been purchased by the PTA and will be delivered to each student after registration on Fridays during the month of February.  View the diagram below for an option on how to lay out your board.

Additional props or equipment may also be part of your display on a space available basis as long as they are not fragile, breakable, or potentially dangerous items. The school and PTA are not responsible for lost or broken items.

Parents are encouraged to help their young scientist(s) research and test their topics, always remaining in a supporting role.

The STEM Fair will be held on Friday, March 10th, culminating in an evening of science fun for the entire family in the school gym.  More to come on specific vendors and exhibits!

Please note:  Projects will be due one day prior, on Thursday, March 9th, to allow for Fair set up. 

Attend the Fair!  We expect you to showcase your work to your peers, parents and teachers. We’d love to personally award you your ribbon, too!


How Should the Board be Used to Present My Findings?

You may use the diagram below as an example for your board.  Feel free to make it your own! Last year we saw painted boards, glued embellishments, lots of photos, mounted labels, and more!  Make it interesting for someone passing by to grab their attention. Objects and/or documentation, reports or journals are not required to be displayed in front, but they do enhance the visual appeal for attendees of the Fair.


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